Evaluation of Gifted Program for CLED students

The following questions are to guide you in adopting identification and retention procedures for culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse (CLED) gifted students.  The questions are organized according to the related section from the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students.

Student Assessment

  • Is the campus gifted program representative of the campus demographics?
  • Are educators and parents provided information regarding CLED characteristics associated with giftedness?
  • Are parents of CLED students provided information about the gifted program and identification process (in their language or with the assistance of interpreters)?
  • Are a variety of valid and reliable assessments available (and used) in assisting in the identification of CLED students for the gifted program?
  • Are educators providing opportunities for CLED students to show potential or characteristics/behaviors associated with giftedness?
    • Are learning styles of CLED students considered during test administration?
    • Are assessment results used to identify/analyze CLED student strengths as opposed to use of an overall test score?
    • Are assessment test questions evaluated continuously to identify potential test question bias?
      • Are students in any subpopulation continuously missing the same question which might indicate question bias?  
      • Are test scores adjusted to reflect the removal of biased test questions?
    • Are linguistically diverse students offered assessments in their primary language or interpreters to assist in assessment administration?
  • Does the district/campus use local norms when evaluating assessment scores for CLED students?
  • Are test administrators trained in delivering and interpreting assessments for CLED students?

Service Design

  • Do CLED students fit your program or does your program fit your CLED students' needs?
  • Are you including CLED student potential and/or talent development in your service design?
  • Are CLED students’ social and emotional needs included as part of your gifted services?

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Are gifted educators trained in culturally responsive teaching and curriculum?
  • Does your gifted curriculum include culturally responsive teaching techniques?
  • Does the gifted program include multicultural content?
    • Is this multicultural content reflective of the student population included in the gifted program?
  • Are CLED gifted students encouraged to work within their diverse gifted characteristics and behaviors?
  • Are CLED gifted students learning styles accommodated through gifted services?

Professional Learning

Are gifted educators provided opportunities to engage in gifted professional learning that includes:

  • Increasing understanding of CLED students?
  • Increasing understanding of CLED gifted students?
  • Increasing knowledge in supporting the learning variations of CLED gifted learners?
  • How to develop partnerships with CLED parents/caregivers?
  • How to create culturally responsive lessons and experiences for CLED gifted students?
  • Increasing knowledge on scaffolding or providing support for gifted English learners?
  • Increasing knowledge in developing talent for students showing gifted potential?
  • Increasing knowledge in supporting CLED gifted students’ social and emotional needs such as dual identity (academic vs cultural), peer pressure coping strategies, and coping with discrimination or microaggressions?

Family and Community Involvement

  • Does your district/campus provide sessions prior to the gifted identification process exploring the following:
    • Defining giftedness?
    • The district/campus gifted program?
    • How to encourage talent development?
    • How to recognize some of the characteristics of giftedness in CLED students?
  • Does your district/campus provide sessions for parents/caregivers of CLED gifted students exploring the following:
    • What to expect from gifted services?
    • How to support your gifted child at home?
    • How to connect with other parents of gifted children from the same CLED group?
    • How to encourage and develop talent in your child (for students identified for a talent development program)?
  • Does your district encourage parents of gifted CLED students to join and attend local and state gifted parent support groups (for example TAGT)?